Sydney Smiles

Sydney Smiles: June 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sydney So Far...

Nights spent in Sydney so far = 4
Movies watched at the cinema = 4
Number of McDonalds locations used for free wi-fi = 3
Number of blisters on feet = 4
Number of addition broken finger nails = 2 (How is this even possible anymore? I have cut them all off!)

Plus a Few Random Notes

I have visited Paddy's Market. My conclusion is that it is AWESOME! Can't wait to get a job and start spending all my monies there. Lol.

I have just received my CineBuzz card. This will come in handy earning me free movies from the points I rack up from all those other movies I have to pay for. This card also allows a discounted price for a particular movie each week. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I went to go check out a place to stay today. It seems pretty cool. I am thinking I may tell them I want it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Samantha has arrived safely in Oz.

Number of broken finger nails = 4
Number of times spilled cute case full of bobby pics in an airport = 2
Number of times Samantha fell on some French dude on the escalator =1
Hours of sleep = 3
Number of cute little kids that kept her from sleeping = 2
Number of times kicked during flight = ??
Number of times heard name called over loud speaker in the airport = 2
Number of times through airport security = 3
Number of unconscious crew members on airplane = 1

Friday, June 25, 2010

The journey begins...

The journey begins. I am at the airport in Grand Rapids. I am about to take off in a few minutes. Thanks to all the lovely people who helped me prepare myself and make baggage weight limits *cough cough Emily cough* =)

I just drank a Theraflu in a cold bottled water... guess what... it wasn't that good. Allright people, I'm about to go use a real toliet before I have to get on the airplane.

P.S. I love everyone - even if sometimes I am a grumpy bum! Cheers! :-)

P.P.S. It's strange leaving when you aren't sure the return date...

<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crunch Time

I must be packed and ready for my trip to Oz tomorrow by the time my dad gets out of work.
Number of bags backed so far : 0
Number of lists made : 1
Laundry done : check
Number of things I can't find : ARGHH!!!!!!
Level of procrastination : high

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Tomboy Grows Up!

It's official the tomboy has grown up. (I'm referring to me - in case you didn't know)

Growing up I wanted to be just like my big brother, as a consequence of this, I was a bit of a tomboy. I'd run and play in the dirt. I'd climb trees (until I fell out, cut up my side, bled a lot, and developed a fear of heights.)

My brother and I used to play in the yard on missions of the highest important, 'saving the princess.' What we were saving her from, I don't really remember; dragons, evil suitors??? Who knows. What I do remember is I never actually wanted to be the princess! I wanted to be a part of the real action! I wanted to be the one doing the saving. So, my brother and I would set out as a team to save the imaginary princess from her imaginary foes.

I didn't like to wear dresses, but I always liked it when my mom did my hair. I used to watch my mom put on makeup and I loved it when she would put a little bit of blush on my cheeks and tell me I was too pretty to wear makeup. So, I guess I was never fully committed to my tomboy ways... and one could have predicted my future.

By the time I was in high school I gave up big baggy t-shirts for cute fitted tops. I remember the first day of high school "being accused" of turning into a girly girl because my top was fitted, had a collar, buttons, and a floral design. I tried to get the boy who accused me of such atrocities to take it back - but he refused. I still wasn't much a fan of dresses or high heels. I would wear such things for formal dances - but would end up taking off my high heels and dancing without shoes.

Skip ahead to modern day. I am now really into shoes. I am in love with the high heel platform pumps and anxiously await the day that I can find a pair that my heel doesn't walk out of!!! I even wear dresses and heels out.

But, what really solidifies my transition from tomboy to well... something else? I'll tell you. I finally broke down and bought all the "fancy" makeup brushes... the ones that have the specific uses. Foundation brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, blush brush, and lip brush. Yep, I'm fancy now! When I apply my makeup - I mean business. When I go out, I mean business.

Gone are the days of undergrad - when I went out in the jeans and old man sweaters with no makeup.

Strange how we change...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"It's a butterfly - kill it!"

I've recently returned from chaperoning a 7th grade school field trip camping in Kentucky and Tennessee. It is important to keep in mind - these were city kids, not used to the country life. It was interesting to say the least. The kids were terrified of bugs - so as you can imagine that went over great in the woods. Hmm... terrified seems to not quite explain the "bug issue" properly - this fear was so irrational. I didn't put on bug spray at all and yet did not get bitten once. However, the children put on bug spray obsessively. They screamed at the sight of bugs. They did not even like lightening bugs and fire flies. I kid you not this is a direct quote from one of the kids, "It's a butterfly. Kill it!"

While, "It's a butterfly - kill it" is a great quote. It was only my second favorite quote. That is right ladies and gentleman there is a better quote yet to come.

The trip included horse riding, alpine slides, rope courses, cave exploring, white water rafting - but out of all the activities the most terrifying for the children was tubing!!! A combination of not knowing how to swim and the tour guides advice to stay away from the banks of the river at the risk of getting caught in a "strainer" leading to "entrapment" and causing DROWNING really sent the kids into a panic when they inevitably got caught on the banks of the river due to a lack of steering ability.

One kid recounted his tubing adventure at dinner later that night. While detailing his horrific near death experience (of getting caught on the bank of the river) said, "and then I got shanked my some trees." And that my friends is my favorite quote of the trip, and a terrific way to end this blog entry. Peace out, readers.

P.S. I leave for Australia in a little over a week from now! Eeekkksss....exciting and scary all in one!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Applying for an Australian Work and Holiday Visa

Dear Young Americans,

Did you know that if you are 18-30 years old you can go to Australia on holiday for an entire year with permission to work to supplement your holiday funds? Well, just in case you were unaware, I am here to tell you it is possible. In fact, applying for the visa is not a difficult process at all. Americans are eligible to apply for the Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462. The application process is easy enough and can be completed online. There is an application fee of approximately 200 American Dollars.

Had I known that Americans were eligible for Working Holidays, America might have felt my absence a bit sooner. As it turns out, I did not find out that Working Holidays existed until I was backpacking through Ireland and met a few Americans on Working Holidays. I was immediately enamored with the concept of being able to travel and work in another country, because frankly if you are allowed to work and earn more money you can travel longer. :-) More adventures please!

It generally only takes 48 hours to hear back about the approval or your Work and Holiday Visa. Once approved you may arrive in Australia to begin your Working Holiday at any point up to a year after the visa was granted. Your visa is activated once you arrive in Australia and will be good for one year.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Path Becomes Clear

As those of you that follow the saga of my life will know I have been accepted into a PhD program at the UNSW, however I was still waiting to hear back about whether or not I would receive a scholarship. Well, I found out last Friday that I sadly did not receive a scholarship. I was pretty bummed, but we all know how resilient I am, right?

For now the PhD path in my life has been put on temporary hold. I will re-explore other options in a few months time.

So, what now? Well, why wait around for the adventure to begin, right? I have applied for and been granted a Work and Holiday Visa in Oz. I have booked my flight and will be arriving in Australia, June 26th.

Let the preparation for the adventure begin.