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Sydney Smiles: September 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Blog Address

I am changing the blog address of this site to

Just in case some of you subscribe to my blog - I didn't want to leave you wondering where I went - so I thought I would give you the address so you can update your readers.

Cheers, everyone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Australian Election August 21, 2010

The Australian election was two weeks ago and in an effort to be more like the American Presidential election of 2000, Australia still does not know who "won" the election. As the election resulted in no clear winner it is up party leaders to form coalitions with other parties and independents to form a minority government. A minority government in the Australian sense, "...exists where a government lacking an outright majority of seats depends for its survival on the support of other parties or independents who hold the balance of power in the lower House." *I obtained this definition from AUSTRALIANPOLITICS.COM

As you can see from ABC elections site Julia Gillard (Labor) is currently ahead of the game in wheeling and dealing and forming the appropriate connections. The question is who will the remaining independents choose to back and inevitably form the minority government with, Labor or Liberal?

I'm putting my money on Labor forming the necessary coalitions. Time will tell if I am right.

I'd just like to say nice try, Australia! Your effort to repeat the indecisive quagmire that was the American Presidential election of 2000 was admirable but, honestly, this is small potatoes. I'm quite sure you will have it sorted out in no time. Cheers, and better luck next time!

***IMPORTANT NOTE**** I did NOT vote in the Australian election. I went along for the ride, and a certain Australian citizen was kind enough to take my camera into the polling booth for the purposes of my vlog.