Sydney Smiles

Sydney Smiles: December 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

My fabulous life

I don't know if you guys knows this or not, but I live an exceedingly exciting life.
Right now for instance, I'm sitting in a cafe drinking a peppermint mocha, killing time. It's exciting stuff, and it's about time I write about it!
The interesting difference between here and home, I'm alone. Sitting alone in a cafe and I'm okay with it. Before, I came to sit at this table typing out my brilliant musings on my smartphone - I had dinner alone. Then spent a few hours at an internet cafe...working up an urge for a peppermint mocha.
So, here's the funny thing. I'd never go do all these things alone at home. Here, I even go to the movies alone. There is something about being in a foreign country - a million miles away from what and who you know that really builds a sense of annonimity. You can move and go as you please seemingly unnoticed in a big city.
At home, people would stop to stare and wonder who that sad person eating all alone is. Maybe  not, but it would feel that way in my head.
So, why am I so comfortable acting so different between here and home??? It's really a puzzle. There are many facets of my being. Who am I really? The little girl who can't stand to be alone? The girl too shy to place her own order in restaurants? The woman who backpacks Europe on her own?
My head hurts guys. Not quite sure who I am anymore....