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Sydney Smiles: April 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have thoughts

I have thoughts, and as such, I'm sure somebody out there is just dying to read them!

This is how the world works, right? I exist therefore I am important. I'm sure that must be true.

So, exactly what is it I'm thinking now? It's a memory. I'm four years old sitting at the babysitters dining table. I sit and stare at my half eaten bowl of spaghetti-o's. I tell my babysitter I'm full. For some reason she thinks I should eat more and she tells me as much.

I think she doesn't understand and try explain further. "But, I'm full."

She decides to take another tactic. She tells me I should be grateful for my spaghetti-o's because there are children starving with no food in China.

"WHAT?!?!", "There are children starving with no food? Can I send them my spaghetti-o's? Cause I'm seriously not hungry"

To which she replied I could not. I asked why, and she explained the food would rot before it got there.

I was one sad overwhelmed 4 year old. Why should I have more than enough food while others starved? Why was that supposed to make me feel good about continuing to eat when I was already full?

Which brings me to another thought. I know someone who is selling their house in a Sydney suburb. The average house in that suburb sells for approximately $800,000. This person was talking about how when ever a house is purchased in their street, the same thing happens, the new owners knock the house down and build a bigger house.

Why? At home for for $800,000 you could probably buy 4 of the nicest houses around! Here, you buy a perfectly good house for an exaggerated price just to knock it down and build something bigger and "better." Yet still in other parts of the world there are still starving children.

To tell you the truth I don't really care for a world where I have too much to eat while others starve. I can't understand a world where we think we never have enough and people think they should always have bigger, "better", richer...

It's so easy to get lost in this world...