Chicago Bomb Scare

So. This was my exciting night.... I stop to get a bagel at the Dunkin' Donuts (Redline Loyola stop) to get a bagel - I hear a member of the CTA informing all passengers the train is not running. I wonder why, but don't think too much of it...

Oh, maybe 30 minutes later hanging out with my friend at her apartment we hear a loud noise. My friend said something along the lines as, "What the heck was that?" ... I calmly respond "Oh, that was thunder."

Maybe 15 minutes after that the delivery guy stops by and says, "Hey guys... how are you doing? Did you hear about the bomb?" I jump up to go to the door to hear more...

Turns out - that the thunder was the bomb squad blowing up the "bomb."

It turned out not to be a bomb after all though. Thank God.
Sydney Smiles: Chicago Bomb Scare